laupäev, 24. aprill 2010


I love my hostfamily
I love my friends
I love when I see random people in the hallway and they know me as Mary Jane.
I love my art class
I love my bed
I love Chicago
I love Wrigleywield
I love playing guitarhero
I love to watch iCarly(hahaha i know )
I love when me and my parents always watch Project Runway, American Idol, the Pacific etc.
I love playing with my sisters
I love Chinatown
I love tacos, burritos and chilli
I love Subway
I love shopping alone
I love cheerleading and my cheerleaders
I love Lake View High School
I love that think in english
I love chinese food
I love spanish
I love my teachers(most of them)
I love YFU
I love other Chicagoland exchange students
I love when people text me
I love chicago bears(NFL)
I love bulls(NBL)
I love blackhacks
I love chocolate chip cookies
I love diet coke
I love Millenium park
I love turbokick
I love people say they love me
I love when people hug me.


2 kommentaari:

Marili ütles ...

You used to hate diet coke before, or is it different in us? hehe:D

Luv u!

Jane ütles ...

hehehe, jepp, nii see on :D ei ole teistsugune, lihtsalt tavaline koka hakkas kaalule halvasti mõjuma :D

love you too